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Research and Development

Japio has been conducting continuous researches and developments to achieve best accuracy and efficiency in patent document translation and patent information retrieval technique.

1. Researches on patent information retrieval

Japio has been making various researches in the latest patent information retrieval technology and techniques including participation in the Patent Retrieval Task at NTCIR (NACSIS Test Collection for Information Retrieval) hosted by the National Institute of Informatics.

2. Researches for application of machine translation to patent information

Taking full advantage of experience and knowledge in patent document translation fostered through the production of PAJ (Patent Abstracts of Japan), Japio has compiled the original dictionary for machine translation and been enriching its vocabulary. On the other hand, Japio has launched its own workshop in Asia-Pacific Association for Machine Translation (AAMT) to collaborate with authorities in the field in the study of application of machine translation to patent information.