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Industrial Property Information Services

Japio has provided various fundamental industrial property information services, including manufacturing of standardized data and duplication of file wrapper (patent dossier) documents, precisely and without delay.

1. Prior art search service for domestic small and medium enterprises

Japio has been providing accurate and inexpensive prior art patent search service for domestic small and medium enterprises and individual applicants to support their IP utilization.

2. File wrapper copy service

Japio has provided an agency services for inspection and duplication of official patent dossier (file wrapper) documents including filing application and trial/appeal documents, registers, cited documents, and priority certificates. Delivery in electric format via e-mail or a electric medium (CD-R etc) is also available for filing documents, trial/appeal documents, and uncertified registers. Documents existing only in paper form can also be an electric form delivery. The electric form delivery is applicable not only to electrically-filed documents but also to documents existing only in paper form.

3. Publication

Japio has published the following titles (reference books) to promote utilization of industrial property information:

  • Patent Classification Index by Technical Terms
  • FI Index

All publications are written in Japanese language.