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Research and Development

Japio has been conducting surveys and research to improve its processing and provision of information regarding industrial property.

1.Research and development on translation

Japio has focused on the research and development on practical patent-oriented technical term dictionaries as well as machine-aided translation system to improve the quality and efficiency of its patent document translation activities.

On the other hand, Japio has established the AAMT/Japio Special Interest Group on Patent Information, a research group of Asia-Pacific Association for Machine Translation (AAMT), in 2003 to investigate machine translation technologies on patent translation from various aspects including quality improvement, multi-lingual dictionary creation, and automatic evaluation.

2.Research and development on Japanese language processing

Japio launched the idea of "Technical Japanese," the Japanese language most suitable for technical writings including patent documents, in 2007 and has been promoted its establishment and dissemination as a part of its R&Ds on Japanese language processing. The concept of Technical Japanese is "Japanese language most suitable for both human and machines."

Technical Japanese Association

As a part of the "Technical Japanese" project, Japio co-hosts the Technical Japanese Association with the Advanced Language Information Forum (ALAGIN). The aim of the Technical Japanese Association is to discuss the future shape of Japanese language that contributes to the currency of information written in Japanese, benefits our intellectual productivity, and thus enhances our industrial competitiveness.

Moreover, Japio had concentrated on the establishment of "Technical Japanese for Patents," the most suitable Japanese language for patent writings. The committee on Technical Japanese for Patents, which Japio has established and hosted to conduct research and investigation on this subject, had consisted of experts on linguistics, language processing, patent information searching, information retrieval, intellectual property, and patent translation. In 2016FY, the committee on Technical Japanese for Patents was integrated with the Technical Japanese Association. At the same time, some separate meetings, one of which includes activities of the committee on Technical Japanese for Patents, are established under the Technical Japanese Association.

Past results of research and development


  • Research for performance/quality improvement of machine translation on Japanese patent documents

Japanese language processing

  • Feasibility study for development of technical Japanese platform as an economic revitalization measure (related to Technical Japanese)