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Privacy Policy

The mission of Japan Patent Information Organization (referred to as “Japio”) is to contribute to society and to the economy by offering industrial property information services superior in technology, quality, productivity and reliability.

Japio recognizes the protection of personal information as its important responsibility. To fulfill this duty, Japio hereby declares that it will handle personal information properly in accordance with the following basic privacy policy.

  1. Japio shall comply with the Japanese laws, guidelines and other norms for the handling of personal information.
  2. When Japio obtains personal information, it shall inform or announce the intended use to the persons concerned. Japio shall use the obtained personal information only when it is necessary and within the scope of the intended use, and take measures to keep itself from using the information for the purposes other than the original intent.
  3. Japio shall not disclose or provide personal information to third parties without the consent of the persons concerned, except when dictated by law.
  4. Japio shall carry out appropriate management and adopt necessary measures to prevent unauthorized access to, or the loss, destruction, alteration, or leakage of personal information. It shall also make reevaluations and revisions as appropriate.
  5. Japio shall establish internal regulations relating to protection of personal information and ensure that all Japio personnel and parties involved in Japio activities are familiar with them.
  6. Japio shall respond without delay to requests for disclosure, correction, deletion, or cessation of use of personal information from the persons in question, in accordance with laws and regulations.
  7. Japio shall respond to inquiries and claims regarding the handling of personal information appropriately and promptly.

Enacted on March 30, 2005
Revised on February 1, 2017
Tetsuhiro Hosono
Japan Patent Information Organization

Handling of personal information

By providing comprehensive industrial property information and promoting its utilization through its various activities, Japio shall cultivate knowledge and generation of new ideas about a wide range of industrial technologies and encourage technical development by businesses, thereby contributing to the development of industry and the economy. (Click here for an outline of Japio activities.) In carrying out its activities, Japio may handle personal information in the following manner:

Intended Use

The use of the personal information obtained by Japio is limited to the following purposes. In cases the intended use of the personal information is specified individually when it is obtained, it shall be used for the specified purpose:

  1. Providing products or services, as well as billing and payment collection, clearing accounts, keeping records of sales, and operations management
  2. Announcement and notification regarding Japio’s products, services, events, etc.
  3. Conducting research, investigations, questionnaire surveys, analysis, and other statistical studies regarding patent information and its usage
  4. Data processing, system development, and services concerning gathering, and processing of patent information
  5. Communication with those in relation to contractual and lending partners such as product providers and subcontractors, regarding execution of contracts and other related matters, creation of new contracts, and management of business transaction records
  6. Contacts and negotiations with related governmental authorities and organizations, patrons, and trustees.
  7. Communication with translators, abstract editors, supervisors, researchers and other outside collaborators regarding their recruitment, registration, and selection, trials given before registration, and sending of manuscripts etc. after registration, and management of information regarding registered persons including payments and messages.
  8. Human resources management, labor control, and recruitment of the executives, regular employees (including loan employees, temporary employees and part-time employees), and persons engaged (including recruitment applicants and ex-employees), as well as emergency contact to them
  9. Security management including office entry/exit authentication

The Individual Number and Specific Personal Information (personal information that includes an Individual Number) provided to Japio will be used only for the following purposes:

 Individual Number and Specific Personal Information of the executives and employees of Japio, as well as their dependents, will be used only for preparation of their certificates of income and withholding tax, notification for their health insurances and welfare pension insurances, notification concerning their property accumulation savings, notification for the third grade insurance of the National Pension, and preparation of application papers concerning their employment insurances and job-related accident insurances, etc.

 Individual Number and Specific Personal Information of individuals other than the abovementioned executives, employees and their dependents will be used only for preparation of payment records regarding their fees and compensation, as well as certificates of income and withholding tax.

Provision of personal information to third parties

Japio shall not provide the obtained personal information to a third party except it is agreed in advance by owner, or it is according to the law.


Japio may entrust treatment and management of obtained personal information to a third party as occasion demands to accomplish its activities effectively. In such case, Japio shall check the management system of the third party before such entrustment and supervise its privacy protection practices, requiring execution of personal information protection measures if necessary.

The person in charge of administering the handling of personal information

The managing director of Japio shall be in charge of administering the handling of personal information.
(Use the contact information below to contact the managing director.)